Our Leadership Team


Ike Udeh - Founder and President

Ike is our visionary leader and the foundation's inspiration. He is a former professional soccer player, and graduate of Alabama A&M University. Today, Ike lives out his passion for sports, education and children as a father of 5, school teacher, and coach of several elite youth soccer clubs.

Email - ike_udeh@yahoo.com

Phone - (205) 527-0273

Donnie Ikpa - Director of International Affairs and Outreach

Donnie Chukwuemeka Ikpa was born and raised in Enugu and currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Donnie is a well respected IT professional, and currently promotes partnerships seeking to develop reusable energy in developing countries. He also serves on several boards including the Enugu State Organization in the Americas.

Email - dikpa@hotmail.com

Phone - (678) 357-2937

Rick Claypoole - Treasurer and CMO

Rick serves in leadership roles in Finance and Marketing. He has over 25 years of experience in banking, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. Rick has a passion for sports, and education, and lives in Hoover, AL with his wife, 3 children, and an adorable Yellow Labrador.

Email - rickclaypoole@gmail.com

Phone - (205) 381-7698


Chioma Udeh - VP, Event Coordinator & Community Affairs

Chioma was born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria. She is married to Ike and moved to the USA in 2003. Chioma is a graduate of American Intercontinental University with a degree in Information Technology. Most important, she is mother to 5 wonderful and beautiful children.

Email -  cudeh82@gmail.com

Phone - (205) 401-8023


Kathy Claypoole - Board Secretary

Kathy has worked in social services and humanitarian efforts throughout her career. As Board Secretary, she keeps our team organized and moving forward. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and a mother to 3 wonderful and beautiful children.

Email - kathyjclaypoole@gmail.com

Phone - (205) 527-8235


Vincent Udeh

Vincent holds 2 bachelor degrees and is currently pursing a Master of Engineering from the University of Alabama. Vincent was also born and raised in Enugu, and today lives and works in Birmingham, where is resides with his wife and children. He has a history of working with charitable causes, and a passion for our mission.

Email - vcude@yahoo.com

Phone - (205) 475-7490